Christian A. Dumais


Failed Pilot Cover 400x600

coming in February 2023

Failed Pilot

From the demented mind that brought you SMASHED: THE LIFE AND TWEETS OF DRUNK HULK and KILLING IT comes this ridiculous collection of TV shows that never existed.

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For years now you have gotten to see pop culture, history and politics unfold through the blurry eyes of everyone’s favorite inebriated Twitter hero: @DRUNKHULK. Now you can look back in anger, take the walk of shame and relive the glory days through this incredible compilation of hilarious tweets.

Go West


GO WEST is a monumental achievement in tenaciousness that includes reviews and reflections of every issue of the series, including the original limited series, annuals and peripheral titles like The Vision and Scarlet Witch, Avengers, Avengers Spotlight, Silver Surfer, and more.

Empty Rooms Lonely Countries


This book collects a decade’s worth of short stories, wandering through two continents, five countries and multiple universes to explore love, loss and redemption in the 21st century. It includes previously published stories like “Mad Dogs” and “Counting Nuns” as well as some never before seen pieces.

Cover Stories


Euphiction is the marriage of musical inspiration with the written word: a story that’s a three minute single. In COVER STORIES, ten young writers from around the globe cut deep into the tracks of their favorite albums to produce something that’s more than just a mix tape of divergent fictions…​

Killing It


A misunderstanding at a French car rental agency lead American tourists on a road trip to Hell. A woman goes to upsetting lengths to make sure her avocados are ripe in time for Taco Tuesday. A magician’s attempt to remove a rabbit from a hat at a children’s birthday party goes terribly wrong. A couple try to uncover why birds keep crashing into their new home.

This long awaited new collection of short stories is a hilarious and frightening reflection of the 21st century written in the way only Christian A. Dumais can. Killing It is perfect for readers who laugh at funerals and cry at birthdays.