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poster for Christian A. Dumais comedy show Here's the Thing
The Three Americans comedy show
Poster from Christian A. Dumais' comedy show Here's the thing
Christian A. Dumais on stage at Vertigo

my comedy

Poland's funniest American Comedian

"There's no greater feeling than making an audience laugh."
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"People get paid a lot of money to write comedy who are not as funny as [Christian A. Dumais]."
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"Expect to find Mark Twain-esque quips."
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"One of our favorite funnymen."
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"Laugh out loud funny."

christian a. dumais

My Story

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I have been a staple in the English stand up comedy scene in Poland for nearly a decade. I have toured with two one-hour specials (HERE’S THE THING! and THIS ISN’T SERIOUS) which delighted sold-out audiences in Wroclaw, Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow and more.

My comedy draws inspiration from pop culture and some of the more shocking moments from my own life, including my experience of being an American living in Poland.

I am also the creator behind Twitter’s @DRUNKHULK, the international pop culture sensation, which was featured on Comedy Central, Rolling Stone, MTV, and more.

My story

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