october 2021

Killing It – the long-awaited new collection of frightening and hilarious short stories from Christian A. Dumais – is a twisted reflection of the 21st century and a dark preview of what’s to come. 

The perfect book for readers who laugh at funerals and cry at birthdays.

30 short stories

A misunderstanding at a French car rental agency leads American tourists on a road trip to Hell.

A woman goes to upsetting lengths to make sure her avocados are ripe in time for Taco Tuesday. 

The most-watched YouTube video in history is driving its viewers insane. 

A couple tries to uncover why birds keep crashing into their new home. 

A Greek resort’s vampire problem is negatively affecting its online reviews. 

A cursed fortune puts a Nigerian prince on a direct course to your spam folder. 

The US government attempts to weaponize a DJ’s playlist after it drives a club full of dancers into an orgiastic rage.   

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